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This website is now a part of the  EastE  – www.EastE.co.uk – a group of websites for Eastern Europeans living in the UK. A motivated and hard-working team of professionals provides these communities with pieces of news and other useful information about the life in the UK on a daily basis.This is our internet-portal,  which will enable you to see the latest information from our most popular websites for Eastern Europeans. Here are some of them:


Websites in Bulgarian

BGHELP.co.uk – www.bghelp.co.uk – The most popular website for Bulgarians in the UK,www.bghelp.co.uk, which has established as Bulgarians’ favourite website and has been helping the community in their search of useful information, jobs, accommodation, new contacts and in many other ways for eight years now.

BGHELP.net – www.bghelp.net – a portal for Bulgarians living all over the world. Contains forums and a lot of useful articles about different countries with plenty of tourist information and first-hand opinions of Bulgarian expats and immigrants living abroad.

BGYELL.co.uk – www.bgyell.co.uk-  Bulgarian yellow pages in the UK.

INFOZAUK.com – www.infozauk.com –  Lots of articles in Bulgarian with useful information about life in the UK.

OBRAZOVANIE.co.uk –  www.obrazovanie.co.uk – Useful articles about education in the UK.

RABOTAVUK.com–  www.rabotavuk.com –  Everything about working in the UK – useful articles, reliable companies, agencies hiring Bulgarians, job advertisements etc.

NOVINI.co.uk – www.novini.co.uk– News about the UK, Bulgaria and the rest of the world.

BGHELPMAP.com –www.bghelpmap.com – Bulgarians on the map of the UK and on the world map.

PAZARUVANE.co.uk –www.pazaruvane.co.uk –  A website dedicated to shopping in the UK.

4BULGARIANS.co.uk  – can also be reached at 4BG.co.uk – www.4bulgarians.co.uk  or  www.4bg.co.uk   Portal for Bulgarians in the UK

more websites coming soon……


Websites for Eastern Europeans with a Bulgarian version.

 EASTEADS.co.uk – www.easteads.co.uk   – Classified for Eastern European.

EASTEDATE.co.uk – www.eastedate.co.uk  – The free dating website for Eastern European.

EASTE.co.uk – www.easte.co.uk  – A website for EastE Group – introducing all EastE websites. .

EASTEJOB.co.uk – www.eastejob.co.uk  – A website, helping to find a job.

EASTESEARCH.co.uk – www.eastesearch.co.uk –  Our search engine for all our websites.

EASTESTART.co.uk –  www.eastestart.co.uk – A web portal to 25 other websites on different topics, containint useful information, links to other websites, companies, videoclips etc.

EASTEBUILDER.co.uk – http://www.eastebuilder.co.uk/–  A  web portal for builders and handimen, which helps client find the best person for the job they’ve got at home or for their office.

EASTEYELL.co.uk – www.easteyell.co.uk – Yellow pages for businesses in the UK.

EASTETAX.co.uk –  www.eastetax.co.uk– A web portal for accounting, benefits and other services in aid of the businesses in UK.

For the readers, who are not on the internet yet or simply prefer the traditional way of reading paper copies – EastE Ltd have decided to start a free paper monthly magazine for Bulgarians in UK. It will also be available for download from this website www.4bg.co.uk,


The project 4Bulgarians (For Bulgarians) consists of the following parts:

  •  4Bulgarians – The magazine for Bulgarians in the UK – a monthly 32-page coloured paper magazine, which will be issued in the beginning of the month, in A5 format (the format of a regular book) with 5,000 copies.

The magazine will be distributed free of charge in places, where there are Bulgarian businesses and communities. The readers would also be able to subscribe for the paper magazine, which can then be posted to them. In addition, there will be an electronic version of the magazine, available for download from the internet. It can be read on a computer, tab, mobile phone and ebook etc.

  •  4Bulgarians – The web-portal for Bulgarians in the UK, containing blocks with the latest information from all our websites for Bulgarian community. It will be available online at www.4bulgarians.co.uk and www.4bg.co.uk. It is unique because every reader will be able to move the most interesting blocks of information to the top of their browser and delete the ones that are not of any interest for them. And this can be done without any registration on the site.
  •  4Bulgarians –  weekly newsletter – with the most important things from the previous week. Readers will be able to


If you would like to take the opportunity to advertise your business among the Bulgarian and other Eastern European communities an in the UK. please contact us at  info@easte.co.uk.